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What is E-Designing?

We make it easy for you to work directly with a designer whenever and wherever you want. Our experienced designer can help with projects big and small. Whether you’re making over a whole room or just want a second opinion on that new paint color, we are ready to jump in with qualified advice and suggestions for your project.

Why choose e-design?

  1. Enjoy the convenience of being able to design your space entirely online.

  2. Share your inspiration and feedback without the challenge of scheduling in-person meetings.

  3. Save money with our low-cost design fee and great prices on furniture and home decor.

  4. You set your own timeline of completion so you can work within your budget. You can have an affordable room makeover design now and not have to cough up a huge furniture budget all at once.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments in cash(not for e-design), Master, Visa, Ru-pay, PayTM, Net Banking, Paypal.

How do I request a refund for my design service?

We want you to love your designs and your new space. If at any point you are dissatisfied, let us know at and we will work with you to rectify your experience.

Does the room need to be a clean slate? Or can my designer incorporate my existing pieces?

No, your room does not need to be a clean slate. Please take photos of your room the way it exists today and list the pieces you’d like to keep in your project details. Including dimensions of your “keep” pieces will also help your designer incorporate them into your new design.

Do I interact with my designer during the design process?

Absolutely! You will interact with your interior designer throughout the entire process. You’ll correspond using the messages and e-mail.

I have an open floor plan, how does that work?

We define rooms as separate spaces or living areas. So for example, if you want to create two separate spaces in one large space, such as a living area and a dining area, your designer will work on two separate Room Designs. If you aren’t sure, just contact us at

Can I upload images of my room?

Yes. Providing photos of your space is an important part of the design process. We ask that you upload 6-10 images of your space and we strongly encourage you upload any inspiration that might be helpful to the designers, i.e. pinterest boards, images or links of design spaces you like or of pieces of furniture you like. All of this is done easily through email or whats app.

How do I figure out my room dimensions?

When you fill out your Project Details we’ll ask you for your room measurements. Use a tape measurer to collect the length and width of your room. Be sure to also include ceiling height and window/doorway dimensions. If you have specific questions around room measurements please contact us at

What exactly are the two initial concepts?

Initial concepts are midpoint designs that are 60% done. They show you the major furnishings, color scheme, and general direction the interior designer has in mind for your space. Your feedback is essential for our designer to get to the final design. Immediately after receiving your input, your designer will get back to work to complete your final design plan.

When will I receive my initial design concepts?

You will receive a call from us within a few days of filling out your questionnaire. After the introduction, we will begin working on your project. You’ll receive two initial concept design boards delivered to your inbox within 7-9 working days. Have a rush design project? Let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your timeline.

What if I like things from both concept boards, or want different suggestions?

Not a problem! In fact, be explicit about what you like and don’t like in each board. We expects this feedback and uses it to create a final design you’ll love.

Can I edit my project details once I have submitted them?

You can edit your inspiration and room photos after submitting your project details. For any other updates you would like to communicate to us, logging in to your account and messaging your designer directly is the best way to let them know.

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