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Keeping Your Home Clean During a Pandemic

Updated: May 22, 2020

A great way to feel productive and pass the time is by deep cleaning your home. If you spend part of your day on a bigger cleaning project, you’ll also feel better about the evening hours you spend binge-watching a TV show. Now’s the time to do the tasks you normally wouldn’t bother with, or perhaps only do once a year. SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19 is believed to be able to persist on surfaces such as glass, metal, and cloth,” Dr. Thomas says. “Experiments looking at similar viruses demonstrated persistence for hours to days.” That means it’s possible to contract the virus if a surface in your home has been contaminated. Disinfecting and cleaning everyday surfaces is a great place to start your spring cleaning.

The 10 most important things to disinfect regularly

1. Countertops, desks, tables

2. Doorknobs

3. Light switches

4. Handles — cupboards, drawers, appliances

5. Toilets

6. Sinks

7. Bathtub, shower

8. Remote controls

9. Towels, sheets, clothing

10. Phones, tablets, keyboards, etc.

A self-quarantine cleaning checklist

1. Dust, pretty much everywhere

2. Deep clean the oven, microwave and sink

3. Organize your junk drawers

4. Clean or replace the shower curtain

5. Polish stainless steel surfaces and wood furniture

6. Clean air vents

7. Wash pillows

8. Clean reusable grocery bags

9. Clean the windows and mirrors

10. Clean your makeup and brushes

11. Clean blinds and window hangings

12. Get at that grout in the bathrooms and kitchen

13. Turn and vacuum your mattresses

14. Clean out trash cans

15. Deep clean the drains in the kitchen and bathrooms

16. Clean rugs, mats and carpets

17. Wash and detail cars

18. Clean the vacuum cleaner and other cleaning tools

Be safe and Stay home.


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