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Terms and Conditions

The Interior Design -Terms and Conditions together with the Agreed Scope of Work will apply as the formation of a contract.


1. After acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and Scope of Work a deposit of 40% agreed fee will be paid in full prior to Garima Parashar commencing any work on the project. 

2. For E-Designing the scope of work is mentioned in the respective plans and payment is 100% in advance.

3. Any additional work outside of the agreed Scope of Work shall be charged. 

4. Should you wish to cancel the agreed service you must notify Garima Parashar in writing. Depending upon what work has already been done on your design will determine any refund amount.


5.Once purchased, your design fee will never expire! (We know, it’s amazing.) Whether you buy any E-Design package or Design consultation, the credit will remain available to you until you are ready to use it. We don’t force you to start right away, either, so if you buy today and design several months from now, we are absolutely cool with that.


6. Please note: Your Interior Design Scheme cannot be cancelled or postponed once the Design Board has reached 50% completion.


7.We don’t offer refunds on an unused design fee – just know that you can use us whenever you feel like you may need us!


8.For E-Designing , client can cancel within 3 days of booking for 50% of refund. Any cancellation later than that will be not refunded.


9. You can upgrade your plan or service as and when deemed by paying the difference in the fee.


10. Once your Design Board has been completed and approved the final balance of fees will be required prior to the release of the full Design Package including Product Recommendations and supplier details. The final  balance will be charged to your credit card or agreed method of payment accordingly.


11. One revision to the Design Board is included. Additional revisions will be billed accordingly.


12. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure there is access to the property to enable the designer to complete the scope of works including third party suppliers during normal business hours.

13. The design is not an assessment of building services or property defects including structural elements.


14. The Designer’s drawings are conceptual in nature and are intended to set forth design intent; they are not to be used for architectural or engineering purposes.


15. Garima Parashar is to provide interior design services and we are not a general contractor, any issues regarding construction elements must be discussed between owner and his/her contractor.


16. The report assumes that the stated proposed use of the property will continue. Any proposed change in use of the Property should be verified with the relevant authorities.


17. The availability and costing’s relating to recommended finishes and fixtures are indicative at the time of the report being compiled. Any changes in price, changes in colour or availability of the recommended items is not the responsibility of Garima Parashar.


18. Any product i.e. paint, wallpaper, recommended must be applied as indicated by the product instructions. Should you substitute a brand with a similar product or colour you do so at your choice. Garima Parashar cannot be held responsible for the suitability of this product or the end result.


19. Product Recommendations are from National and Online suppliers that you may buy direct from, or Trade suppliers that can be purchased through us or any other Interior Design Studio.


20. Should the client wish to purchase any Trade Supplier items through us, we will provide you with a detailed quote and the payment must be paid prior to purchasing of the items. The client is responsible for checking for any reportable damage once the items have been delivered, unless otherwise agreed in writing.


21. Any product warranty is the responsibility of the manufacturer or where you purchased the item, including Trade Supply. Garima Parashar cannot be held responsible for the warranty of any products you purchase.


22. The Client agrees to allow the Designer to photograph the project during all stages of Design Services including when project is complete. Photographs will be used for business purposes, including, but not limited to: press, publications, online, social media, marketing, advertising, and print.  The Designer will not disclose address or Client’s name without prior consent.


23. We shall retain copyright of all intellectual property prepared by the Designer. The ownership of factual data and information collected by the consultant and included in the report/design, shall after full payment by the client, pass to the Client for its intended purpose only.


24. The Client may reproduce drawings, specifications and other documents in which the Consultant has copyright as reasonably required in connection with the project for which the report is prepared but not otherwise. The Client shall have no such rights where any fees and/or expenses due to the report/design have not been paid in accordance with this agreement.


25. To the extent permitted by law, Garima Parashar excludes all warranties, whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise. Where a warranty is implied by law and cannot be excluded, our liability for a breach of that warranty and any liability in tort is limited to reimbursement of Garima Parashar's fees.


26. If any of these Terms and Conditions is deemed to be or becomes void, voidable or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions continue to have full force and effect. 

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